Quartz Candle

Quartz Candle
$55.00 USD


Inspired by the spirit and majesty of the world’s most powerful stones, Joey Healy Candle Collection brings you a home fragrance library fit for royalty.

Quartz intertwines the mysterious, intoxicating aroma of musky amber with romantic notes of French rose.

All of our candles are comprised of clean-burning soy wax finished with 100% natural wicks for an 80 hour burn time. Included is an authentic crystal whose energy can be meditated on while enjoying the transcendent fragrance of our bewitching candles.



Hailed as the “Master Healer”, clear quartz is revered for amplifying both energy and thought. Known to absorb, store and regulate negativity, quartz balances and revitalizes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. This mystical stone is also revered for aiding concentration, unlocking memory and even enhancing psychic abilities.



With eyes closed, palm the crystal in your non-dominant hand, bring the stone to your heart center and set a clear intention. Meditate on manifesting your intention while bringing focus toward the stone. Proceed to light your candle, thus igniting your intention out into the universe.

Net wt. 1 lb 10 oz

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