How to use the Brow Architect Stylo

Joey shows you how to create definition and hair-like strokes with the Brow Architect Stylo. Our waterproof formula imparts the natural finish of an eyebrow powder with the precision of a long lasting pencil. Brow Architect Stylos is the ultimate two-in-one product, featuring a fully retractable “never needs sharpening” tip on one side and a brush for easy blending on the other. The triangular shaped lead allows the user to easily build the intensity of the eyebrow with narrow edges for outlining, broad sides for filling and a pointed tip for more detailed work. Create breathtaking arches —beautifully and believably!


How to apply Brow Whip

Fear not the scary pomades of the past! Whip your brows into shape with our Brow Whip. Our cream formula is buildable, matte and waterproof for all day wear that won’t smudge or fade. With light strokes, blend a small amount into the brow for a natural finish that adds overall density and texture. For optimal results, apply with Calligraphy Brow Brush. A sweet treat for your eyebrows!


How to apply High Rise

Joey shows you how to elevate bone structure and add an instant lift to your brows with High Rise. This highly pigmented, ultra creamy highlighter injects a youthful radiance that lasts all day. Apply just below the arch for an instant brow lift or under the eye to camouflage dark shadows. Its wedge wand applicator allows for seamless blending and an effortless glow. With just a few light dots, highlight the brow bone and give the entire face a subtle and healthy brilliance.


How to use the Grooming Dermablade Trio

Joey shows you how to touch up your brows at home with the Grooming Dermablade Trio. Easily and painlessly eliminate unwanted hair with their precise stainless steel blades that erase the finest hair surrounding the eyebrow and face, leaving even the most sensitive skin smooth and flawless. Holding skin taut, use short, downward strokes to gently remove excess hair with light pressure. Easily and painlessly maintain your brows between shapings with confidence!


How to apply Luxe Brow Powder and Brow Lacquer

The ultimate duo for the perfect brow! Joey shows you how to first create brow density with Luxe Brow Powder, then seamlessly achieve hold and coverage with our Brow LacquerIdeal for softly filling in eyebrows with natural definition, Luxe Brow Powder allows you to effortlessly sculpt your brows by subtly emphasizing key points of your shape. For optimal results, use with the Duo Brow Brush for expert application.

Follow up with our multitasking, pigmented Brow Lacquer gel that hugs brow hairs to add instant definition, volume and hold for all day wear. The perfect solution for covering stubborn greys, bringing out lighter hairs and adding overall lushness to your arches. Its microfine applicator provides precise control while the waterproof, vitamin enriched formula sets softly without feathering or flaking.


How to use the Precision Brow Scissor and Brow Structure Clear Set

Are your renegade brows making a run for it in every direction? Joey shows you how to groom unruly hairs into submission with our Precision Brow Scissor and Brow Structure Clear Set. Start by expertly eliminating overgrown hairs and unwanted strays with the Precision Brow Scissor. The comfortable contours of its ergonomic design ensure unparalleled exactitude and masterful maneuvering while its sharp, ultra thin blades meticulously groom brows into obedience. Follow up with our Brow Structure Clear Set for natural definition while setting eyebrow hair into place for the day. This flake-free formula is portable for touchups and is also ideal to condition lashes just prior to mascara application.  An absolute makeup bag must for every woman and the man in her life.  Fugitive brow hairs beware!


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